Tammy Babb & Bruce Yates

Tammy-Babb“TAMMY BABB” is a native of Jefferson and has been in banking for 25 years. She is currently the Branch Manager and Administrative Assistant at the Mountain Valley Community Bank . She has been married to her husband, Larry, for 23 years and has two married children, Jordan and Chris Beusse, and Colby and Jennifer Babb. They also have two grandchildren, Caleb and Sarah Bryn.


Bruce-yatesBRUCE “Twinkle Toes” Yates was a teacher and administrator for 43 years. He is currently on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. Now he is teaching Tammy how to Shag!

Tammy and Bruce will be dancing not only to raise money for the JCAC, but also for Main Street Jefferson. Main Street Jefferson is dedicated to revitalizing and strengthening the traditional commercial district of Jefferson. The Public Square and the historic areas around it are the core of the Jefferson Community. It is a place of shared memories where people can work, shop and play. Director Beth Laughinghouse and volunteers have helped to design and shape a beautiful, welcoming and economically healthy downtown area. If you vote for Tammy and Bruce, you will be helping in that effort!